Gable vents can be installed on the exterior wall of an attic to create proper air circulation. In summer, overheating can occur causing damage due to hot air unable to escape or additional heat entering home causing higher energy usage. In winter, the cold trapped air can cause mold, mildew, leaks and/or rot if the air cannot escape properly.

Gable ventilation is achieved by installing vents on the exterior wall of your attic to create proper air flow through your attic in times of extreme hot or cold weather conditions. The attic will bare the impact of significant temperature changes and needs to be properly ventilated to ensure better comfort in the home and regulate energy costs.

The gable vents serve in keeping out the rain, preventing leakage, avoiding deterioration of materials in attic, and lowering utility costs, yet they may not be the complete answer. If your attic is large, they may need to work in conjunction with soffit vents and/or roof vents to completely ventilate the attic properly.