The front door is a key focal point and one of the first impressions visitors have when they arrive at your home and gives your home great curb appeal! A new door can significantly contribute to your home’s style and character, thus increasing its value. But just as important, the door is a place where your home can add/or detract from the cost of heating and cooling you home depending on weather conditions.

Proper door installation/fit can make your home more energy efficient by reducing the amount of interior air loss or preventing outside air from coming into home creating more strain on a home’s heating and cooling system.

Many doors are designed to shut out weather and conserve home energy. Construction from durable, insulated materials combined with weather stripping systems help doors maximize comfort by reducing air leaks, saving energy by preserving heated air in winter or chilled air in summer.

Interior air loss can happen through incorrectly hung or ill-fitting doors. Replacing old doors can reduce heat and/or cold air loss resulting in a more efficient system, saving on energy bills. Also, cost-effective repair and air sealing on existing exterior doors can improve efficiency.